Monday, March 11, 2013

Economic Violence - Neo-Feudal Capitalism

Economic violence harms people just as badly as physical violence, it starves people in cages in Hong Kong, it breaks the old and the weak, it enslaves children in a cycle of poverty, and it empowers the domination, the riot, and the vicious happiness of the aristocracy.

The rule of capital is a violent rule, the poor are forced to serve the wealthy by hunger and need of shelter, forced into slavery by debt and poverty, and from this arrangement, the rich get richer feasting off the labor of the poor and throwing those they don't need into the trash heaps of the economy. This violent reign which restricts rights to wealth and places property above people justifies itself by claiming to be voluntary, but this is violence, the violence of Capitalism.

This system claims to be voluntary as if people could choose to live without want and need. It justifies the rule of the rich by claiming that they are naturally superior to the poor. By claiming that capitalists work harder than the workers they place beneath them who toil to make them wealthy. By claiming that the capitalists take all the risks, risks that the working class must pay for, suffering the cost in decreased wages, poor working conditions, lower job security and unemployment. Following unemployment, workers suffer poverty and the frantic search for new work or are swallowed up in debt and at risk of hunger and homelessness, yet the capitalist can always hire new workers, such is the system of violence that is Capitalism.

Such is the twisted nature of this system of violence that starving in cages like the poor of Hong Kong is considered freedom, that the rule of the capitalists and the abject poverty of those that serve them is considered egalitarian. The Working Class is second class under this system, if workers so much as form a picket line or have a sit in, the state is called to use brute force to crush the worker rebellion, yet in violating the sacred property of the capitalist baron the worker is the one who is accused of violence. Take a step back and look at the system again, look at how the state rushes to the aid of the Capitalist whenever the workers rebel, look at how the violence of the state defends the domination and power of the capitalist over the fruits of our labor. This is Aristocracy, the Neo-Feudalism that is Capitalism.

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